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The Mureș is a 789-kilometre-long (490 mi) river in Eastern Europe. Its drainage basin covers an area of 30,332 km2 (11,711 sq mi).  It originates in the Hășmașu Mare Range in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, Romania, rising close to the headwaters of the river Olt, and joins the Tisza at Szeged in southeastern Hungary. In Romania, its length is 761 km (473 mi) and its basin size is 27,890 km2 (10,770 sq mi).The Mureș River flows through the Romanian counties Harghita, Mureș, Alba, Hunedoara, Arad and Timiș, and the Hungarian county

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Vârtop is a holiday village in Roșia Montană commune, Alba county, Transylvania, Romania. The Vârtop resort is the most famous mountain tourist area with ski slopes in the Apuseni mountains, attracting more and more tourists not only due to the presence of ski slopes, but also due to the diversity of attractions in the area. Located on the border of two counties, Bihor and Alba, the tourists have three slopes at their disposal. The one from Vârtop 1 has a length of 1,000 meters, benefiting from nocturnal, snow cannons and with a medium difficulty, the one from Vârtop 2, also

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