Vârtop 2022

Vârtop is a holiday village in Roșia Montană commune, Alba county, Transylvania, Romania. The Vârtop resort is the most famous mountain tourist area with ski slopes in the Apuseni mountains, attracting more and more tourists not only due to the presence of ski slopes, but also due to the diversity of attractions in the area. Located on the border of two counties, Bihor and Alba, the tourists have three slopes at their disposal. The one from Vârtop 1 has a length of 1,000 meters, benefiting from nocturnal, snow cannons and with a medium difficulty, the one from Vârtop 2, also with a medium degree of difficulty, measures 430 meters, while the slope of at Piatra Grăitoare it measures 1,600 meters, with three descent options that will be served by a modern 4-seater chairlift with a length of 1,095 meters and a capacity of 1,400 people per hour; the chairlift is detachable – the chairs go at a much lower speed in the stations to facilitate the tourists getting on the chairs; the speed of the chairlift being 5 meters/second and in stations 0.5 meters per second.

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