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The Hodoş-Bodrog Monastery is one of the oldest monastic institutions in Romania. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Arad city, on the inferior course of Mures. According to an old local tradition, it is said that the monastery would be a foundation of the surrounding believers. The tradition says that a bull from the herd of a pastor revealed from an earth mould the Saint Virgin and Baby Jesus Miracle Making Icon. In order to confirm the tradition, even today it is kept, in the monastery’s church, the head of the bull that discovered the icon, as well as the Saint Virgin Miracle Making Icon. The first documentary attestation about the existence of the monastery is from 1177, and from the XI century we have the information from the local historians, which talk about the existence of some “Greek monks” (orthodox), at Hodos – Bodrog, even from the XI century. Along the history a series of personalities helped at the persistence of this monument: Sava Brancovici – 1607; Sofronie, bishop of Lipova and Gyula; Isaia Diacovici – 1690; Eugeniu de Savoya, which offered protection to the monastery in the year 1716; the protopsalter monk Naum Ramniceanu – 1788; Nicolae Iorga – 1906 and numerous others. In the present the monastery has a number of 25 inhabitants.


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